Ways to care for your baby’s hair

Many things concern the mother after childbirth and how to care for her child and health, and care of children’s hair is one of the most important mother is careful to choose the appropriate shampoo for the child and the method of bathing and combing the hair of the pepper, which reflected on the beauty of her child N We give you in your “health today” tips on how to care for the child’s hair.

– Frequent washing of the child during showering presents the scalp of the child’s head to dryness and the appearance of the crust, so avoid washing the child’s hair three times a week to prevent dry hair in the child.

– Brush the baby’s scalp with a gentle shampoo while bathing.

– Wash the shampoo from the baby quickly before it starts to fear and cry

– Protecting the head of the child with one of your hands during hair washing is important because the child did not reach the condition of Ghazzan head after.

Use of the baby’s special conditioner during child’s hair washing is important if your child’s hair is curly or thick.

– Laying off the child’s hair with a wide-bristle or soft brush after bathing, while combing the child’s hair even if it is light and to stimulate the hair glands and prevent the back of the cortex in the child.

– Combing the child’s hair in a soft way is very important to prevent the sensitivity of the skin and redness by combing hair badly and harshly.

– Your baby does not need to cut the hair much more than in the case of some long hair curls that disturb their beautiful eyes.

– Cut off your baby’s hair after being wet with water and while playing a game or something else.

– The best times to cut children’s hair when happy, and do not cut your child’s hair when he is crying or moody.

– Put a dome on the head of your child if it is very light hair to protect the child’s head from the sun at the exit.Close

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