Vitamins your child needs from birth

Since birth, your baby needs nutrients to ensure a healthy, disease-free life.

“Vitamin K”

Vitamin K plays a key role in preventing blood clotting in the new baby and protects it if it has low levels of it. Vitamin K is given orally or by injection. The amount your child needs depends on how the vitamin is administered and how it gets milk (breast milk or artificial milk). Doctors are therefore advised to:

– Give the child one injection of “vitamin K” immediately after birth.

– If you breastfeed your baby normally, you can give him two doses of vitamin K in the mouth at the first week of life, and a third dose at the first month.

– If your child is taking formula milk, two doses of vitamin K can be given in the mouth at seven days. 
“Vitamin D”

The lack of vitamin D in children causes the child to have respiratory infections that cause asthma in turn. The sources of vitamin D are the essential sun and milk. If the mother breastfeeds her baby, does not drink much of the sun, does not drink too much milk and milk products and suffers from vitamin D deficiency, her breast milk is very poor in this vitamin, leading to respiratory problems in the child. Therefore, every breastfeeding mother should give her child a dose of vitamin D daily in the form of drops. As for the mother who gives her child artificial milk, it is not necessary because milk for children is supplied with this type of vitamin.

Some mothers also believe that they should give their children iron through additional doses, but this is not necessary. It is true that iron is not available in large amounts in breast milk, but the child can absorb it in the best form. So it is never essential for a child who drinks natural milk. On the other hand, artificial milk also contains a good amount of iron and therefore should not give the child who takes milk in the bottle additional doses of iron.

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