Vitamins that are beneficial to eye health are recommended

Eye health is usually maintained through regular tests, but experts recommend a healthy diet containing nutrients and vitamins needed to maintain healthy eyesight. In this sense, the British Express reported a range of vitamins and nutrients that should be taken to maintain healthy eyes, as follows:

Vitamin E 
This vitamin strengthens the immune system and helps maintain the skin and eyes. A seven-year study has shown that vitamin E reduces the risk of advancing macular degeneration in the eyes. Other studies suggest that a diet containing vitamin E can help prevent blindness.

2. Vitamin D 
Getting enough vitamin D is crucial to maintaining eye health. According to dietitian Rebecca Reichlick King, vitamin A helps to reduce the symptoms of eye dryness, improve vision and reduce retinitis.

Zinc Zinc 
is a very important component to prevent macular degeneration. It also helps to transform vitamin A into the retina, protecting against night blindness, and is highly essential for nutrient absorption and waste disposal, which helps reduce inflammation. 

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