Vitamin D overdose leads to a Canadian man having renal failure

Canadian doctors have discovered a 54-year-old man with renal failure and elevated calcium levels in the blood after he used to eat excessive amounts of vitamin D on the recommendation of a natural therapist.

The natural therapist had advised the man to take excessive amounts of vitamin D, although he did not suffer from any medical condition to call such. Men continued to take vitamin D supplements for two and a half years at 8000-12,000 IU per day, while the Canadian Osteoporosis Society recommended that the daily intake of vitamin D should not exceed 1000-2000 IU per day.

The natural therapist did not warn the man about the toxicity of high doses of vitamin D, and the man believed that the greater the amount of vitamin D the greater the benefit, which led him to overdo it more and more.

The doctors recommended that the patient stop taking any supplements of vitamin D and stop eating calcium-rich foods, which led to partial improvement in his condition, although he still suffers from chronic kidney failure of the third stage.

In the normal state, the body produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, and it is found in some foods such as salmon and sawdust. People in cold areas may suffer from vitamin D deficiency due to insufficient exposure to sunlight, which necessitates their intake of vitamin supplements.

In general, doctors are advised not to overuse any type of vitamins, and avoid resorting to untreated therapists.

Details of the case were published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Source: Agencies

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