Vision strengthening exercises

Recent medical and scientific studies and reports have shown that the ability of exercises to strengthen the eye on the treatment of some eye problems, such as poor vision that affects a large segment of people of all ages, there are several reasons that result in poor consideration of genetic factors of the father and mother or the injury of the eye bruised or a strong blow Or other diseases such as diabetes.

Sitting in front of the screens and television for a large factor of the factors of double vision, as well as smoking or even sitting in a smoky environment affects the eye and weaken the look significantly in a short period.

Vision strengthening exercises

Regularity of the exercises to strengthen the eyes long enough to prove its magic to solve this problem with the commitment to maintain eye rest and avoid bad habits, which is one of the best natural ways to maintain the eye with some foods that help to strengthen the look.

The method of doing vision strengthening exercises

  • Sit straight in a psychologically comfortable place, looking forward and start moving the eyes in all four directions for 20 seconds, then shut them for seconds, repeat the exercise again, regularize the exercise and repeat it four to five times a day.
  • Focus on something very close to the eyes for a few seconds, then attention to something distant and focus on it with eyes for the same period, repeated this exercise six times a day.
  • Stay away from screens, TV and mobile phone for at least two hours a day, rubbing your eyes until they feel warm and put your hands on them to keep any light away for 2 minutes, soothe the pain and relieve the eyes from stress.
  • You can sit in a dark place and start to close your eyes and feel comfortable and comfortable enough, it is advised to do this exercise every day, to reduce pressure on the eye.

General tips to strengthen your eyesight

It is worth mentioning that the exercises to strengthen the eyesight is not enough to solve the problem, but must eat foods containing food items that strengthen the eyes and keep the eye intact as follows:

  • Regularity to eat meat from chicken and meat, especially turkey meat for its ability to strengthen consideration and prevent the incidence of some diseases in the eye such as macular degeneration disease.
  • Black chocolate food is best suited to promote healthy blood vessels in the eyes.
  • Some kinds of especially green paper and carrots.
  • Nuts of all kinds due to the natural oils and fats that moisturize the eyes and keep looking.
  • Avocados and black grapes.

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