Vegetarian diet is your guide to getting rid of excess weight

Dependence on the components of nature is the safest in the treatment of various health problems, including thinness, obesity and plants in general are natural materials that give the body amazing benefits and protect and treat the diseases that afflict.

– Vegetarian diet:

This diet is useful to lose weight and increase it at the same time. Even if you are not a vegetarian you can follow it and have known the vegetarian diet after the followers of celebrities and models on their heads.

– Specifications of plant diet:

– Meat, animal products, dairy products and eggs are not used

– Depends on vegetables, fruits, nuts and vegetable protein.

– Increases body weight and decreases at the same time.

– Meat substitutes:

It is characterized by high protein content and low caloric intake, making it suitable for eating while dieting.

– Tofu meat:

It is made from soy milk with the addition of spices and spices.

– Tambour meat:

It is made from soybeans with the addition of regular flavorings to it.

– Wheat meat:

It is made from wheat gelatin and is characterized by containing calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphate and protein.

– Prohibited foods in plant diets:

– Meat of all kinds.

– Whole fat milk and its products, butter and all kinds of cheese.

– Alternatives to dairy products:

– Soy milk.

– skimmed cheese.

– Milk free of fat.

– Vegetables in vegetarian diet:

Vegetarian diet depends on the composition of vegetables of various types because of the contain a few calories and a large amount of fiber, which contributes to give you a sense of fullness, as fiber stimulates the process of digestion of food and eliminate chronic constipation.

– Increase body weight by dieting plant:

– Some people, when committed to vegetarian diet, they move away from eating meat, but they eat carbohydrates in high quantities and that are found in rice, bread and pasta and this leads to their bodies gain more calories, which leads to increase their weight more and in fact that these Alternatives to meat are more dangerous in giving the body extra weight.

One of the most important sources of protein contains nuts and peanut butter, but eating small amounts of them gives your body a large number of calories that later turn into fats and fats that are trapped inside your body and lead to increase over time.

– When you follow the vegetarian diet, you will feel the lack of foods you like, such as ice cream, chocolate, cheese, crackers and meat, so you may resort to eating too much food, thinking you will not increase your weight and of course the opposite will happen.

And any diet before you follow him should consult with the competent doctor first because it may not be proportional to the nature of your body and your health and to make your body consistent and lose calories calories correctly must exercise and exercise to change the entire system of your life.

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