Vaginal shower and vaginal cleaning

Vaccine alerts: 
1 – Studies have shown that rinsing inside the vagina exposes its user to the transfer of germs into the pelvis, where women are exposed to internal infections that may negatively affect fertility. 
2. Studies have also shown that directing the strong current of the water may push the bacteria that go out with the faeces and remain around the anus into the urethra or the birth canal, then the uterus, and then the tubes.

Here’s the right way to clean your vagina (this has nothing to do with contraception):

1 – should be satisfied with the outside from the outside carefully to remove any secretion of the external area, especially between the labia and around the folds of skin around them. There is no objection to directing – by the palm or fingers – a stream of water flowing quietly to the entrance of the vagina, without the introduction of fingers or rinsers. 
2 – Rinse by pouring water from the side of kisses to the side of the tunnel and not the other way around, and avoid the direction of water strongly. 
3 – uses light soap, non-perfumed or stained or medical, preferably soap children. 
4 – After rinsing the place should be dried well using toilet paper because water is a good environment for the growth of fungi.

Warning: Vaginal infections delay pregnancy

It has been proven conclusively that the infection of fungal or bacterial infection of the vagina prevents pregnancy for the following reasons:

1 – does not help the occurrence of natural intercourse. 
2 – change the nature of natural fluids in the vagina. 
3 – kill sperm before reaching the uterus

So it is advisable to go to the doctor to examine the secretions in the laboratory to know the type of the microbial cause 
and the effect of the results will be described as the appropriate counter and taken from the couple together and 
reassure me, the treatment will not take more than a week and 
after the disappearance of the infection will have no future impact in the obstruction of pregnancy.


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