Vaginal secretions before menstruation

Vaginal secretions are fluids that are emitted from the vagina or the cervix and every woman has vaginal secretions but the nature of those secretions varies from woman to woman. There are many changes that occur in the nature of vaginal discharge to become somewhat dense especially before menopause.

Time frame

Menopausal women usually begin between the ages of 45 and 55. Menopause occurs two to eight years before menopause begins.

Hormonal changes

During menopause some hormonal changes occur in the body, especially in the hormone estrogen, and the hormonal imbalance leads to some vaginal changes that affect the thickness and quantity of vaginal discharge in that period.

Vaginal secretions change

Normal vaginal secretions work on cleaning the vagina and are mostly associated with the arrival of the menstrual cycle or the practice of marital relationship and affect the nature of hormones in that period, and with the approach of the woman of the age of Elias or interruption of the menstrual cycle change in the nature of vaginal discharge to be more or less Thickness before.


Vaginal infections during the years leading up to menopause may be accompanied by a change in vaginal discharge. This story may look more or less thicker than usual, or be accompanied by vaginal odor that indicates vaginal inflammation due to vaginal dryness.

Special considerations
at any time during premenopausal vaginal discharge are not accompanied by the smell or presence ofvaginal itching or the presence of some common blood spots during the menstrual cycle.

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