Vaginal secretions are nature, pathological and the difference between them

Vaginal secretions are normal in women, but at times these secretions may be non-natural and indicative of some women’s infections. What is the difference between normal and pathological vaginal discharge ?

Answers about the nature of vaginal secretions , Dr. George Joachim consultant gynecologist , saying that exudate natural vaginal characterized Bana very similar to the mucus somewhat colorless and there is no smell and be vaginal secretions Dharoroih women to prevent vaginal dryness and maintaining prevent the entry of bacteria into the uterus, and increased vaginal secretions during the period Ovulation in women, which is one of the indicators of ovulation and to facilitate the access of sperm to the egg, and help secretions to facilitate the marital relationship, and reduce those secretions with the approach of the menstrual cycle .

There may be a change in those secretions, which is indicative of the incidence of inflammation and the most important signs

– Significant increase in the amount of vaginal secretions during periods of non-ovulation

– Color shift from transparent to yellow or white

– Increase the viscosity of those secretions and change the nature of the yogurt or yoghurt

– There are unpleasant odors associated with those secretions, which are unpleasant and smell of fish

These signs are indicative of the presence of bacterial or fungal infections in the vagina, which requires an increase in the doctor to determine the appropriate treatment

Tips to Avoid Vaginal Inflammation

– Care to wear cotton underwear and away from the industrial fabric

– Do not overuse the treatment of antibiotics without consulting your doctor

– Use of insulation on the foot when using public baths

– Avoid the use of vaginal soap unnecessarily

– Pay attention to personal care after the bath

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