Vaginal secretions and infections in pregnancy

During the first pregnancy, women may encounter many changes whose causes are unknown. Some vaginal secretions may occur during pregnancy, which are white, yellow or brown. What are the natural vaginal secretions in pregnancy and what is abnormal?

Natural vaginal secretions

Vaginal secretions during pregnancy are transparent or milk-like and have no odor and do not cause anxiety, but if they have a green color or odor, the vagina has a bacterial infection and is one of the most common pregnancy diseases called yeast fury or Candida.

How to deal with increased secretions:

Increased secretions are just one of the normal temporary changes that occur during pregnancy. You do not need to do anything, just follow these tips they may help you:

• Keep the genital area (vulva) clean and dry.

• Avoid using soap and water when washing the sensitive area.

• Do not use scented napkins, perfumed bath bubbles or vaginal deodorants.

Do not rinse off your vagina, as this may irritate your skin and interfere with the natural balance of the bacteria. Vaginal secretions are very acidic, so that good bacteria and natural antibiotics can eliminate harmful bacteria in the vagina. If you change this natural balance, it can cause inflammation, or even an infection.

Tips to prevent vaginal infections during pregnancy

• Do not use deodorants on sensitive areas or deodorants of the vagina or put some of the fresheners, especially on underwear

• Use of detergents allowed in pregnancy only in small quantities

• Wash your hands well and genital areas with lukewarm water after the bath

• Taking yogurt before sleeping helps prevent constipation and ease of digestion as well as prevent the growth of bacteria causing vaginal secretions.

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