Vaginal itching

1 – The first reason: Tapeworm disease:

It is one of the skin diseases and the most important symptoms of this disease, itching and pain, especially in the week before the menstrual cycle, which often does not cause any foul smell of vaginal secretions, but looks thick white, such as haloumi cheese.

Causes of Tapeworm:

Before we know the reasons, we have to understand the scientific fact that there are types of beneficial bacteria live in the vagina, but if there is any imbalance in the growth and reproduction, it will cause many infections

And any type of bacteria if increased reproduction, it causes certain diseases, 
such as bacteria (Alkndidk) useful cause the disease of the flu if there is any imbalance in the growth and reproduction.

Factors that lead to imbalance in the growth of Candida bacteria:

• During pregnancy (you are prone to dysfunction of this type of bacteria). 
• Antibiotics eliminate the beneficial bacteria, leading to imbalance in their growth. 
• Diabetes. 
• Wear tight clothes made of nylon, so wear wide cotton clothes. 
• If the vagina is purified or ulceration for any reason. 
• In the event of any disease (you are also susceptible to this type of bacteria). 
• In the case of any drugs containing substances that reduce the resistance of toxins such as steroids.

CONCLUSION: Lack or increase of this type of bacteria (Candida) will cause salivary disease

Treatment: Very easy and is an anti-skimmed cream and will get itching in just two days.

2 – The second reason: Psoriasis:

Definition: One of the non-contagious skin diseases is a defect in the process of skin proliferation and loss of control of natural peeling, leading to the formation of psoriasis and severe itching in the genital area and accompanied by the case of blushing and cracking skin smooth and painful sometimes extends to the around the anus and between the buttocks and sometimes Stretch to the lashes of the head, knees and elbows.

Cause: This disease is caused by unknown so far

Treatment: Treatment is accidental and not radical in the sense that the control of the manifestations of the disease of flaking and redness for a limited time so the patient here to be patient because it will help in treatment, which will not be less than two months.

3-The third reason:

Definition: It is a skin disease that causes severe itching that can not sleep with it

Cause: The causes of the disease are not yet known

It is more pronounced in women who are approaching menopause and in girls who have not.

This disease if not treated Sibb narrow in the opening of the vagina, causing the mother during intercourse.

The treatment of this disease by giving appropriate cream Steroiadaa easy.

4 – The fourth reason: Allergy and Sensitivity Deferred Article:

This condition causes itching and redness due to the sensitivity of the skin of the vagina to contact the following:

• Scented soap (this should be replaced with baby soap or medical soap). 
• Shower gel. 
• Shampoos. 
• Disinfectants. 
• Detergents. 
• Laundry detergents containing antiperspirants are used for sensitive skin to wash your underwear. 
• Deodorants. 
We should avoid contact with these materials to Farag.

Treatment: It is easy and inexpensive to put a quantity of table salt (as far as filling the hands) in a bath filled with water.

5 – The fifth reason: mental disorders

Anxiety, tension, excessive thinking, etc. All this leads to itching in the vagina.

6 – The sixth reason: not to maintain cleanness, 
which leads to the collection of different secretions and sweat, this helps the growth of various bacteria and fungi

Methods of prevention: The 
wall of the vagina is painted with a small amount of yogurt from time to time. Yogurt kills harmful bacteria. 
After urinating, clean the vagina from front to back to prevent the spread of bacteria. 
When sleeping in the house or during your stay at home, it is preferable not to wear panties to provide good ventilation of the vagina and to prevent moisture from growing. 
Make vaginal lotion from time to time using a medical bandage wet with a few drops of special disinfectants. 
Method of washing: Prepare a glass of water and two drops of iodine and gauze and then tap on the vagina, 
noting that not repeated more than once every week because the vagina secreted vaginal secretions act as self-cleaning him.

7 – other reasons sporadic: the 
incidence of gonorrhea. 
Infectious fungal clustering. 
Vaginal bacterial infections. 
Trichomoniasis disease. 
Scabies or pubic lice: It is transmitted by contact with infected persons or using their contaminated utensils. 
Do not drink enough fluids a day, so the urine becomes concentrated, leading to sensitivity in the urinary tract and genital area of ​​women.

Many women use vaginal douche as a means of cleaning the vagina from germs or sperm residues, especially after intercourse. I do not recommend this because the vagina, by its very nature, secrete a fluid that resists microbes.

Therefore, the frequent use of vaginal shower leads to the removal of that liquid in the vagina, reducing the resistance to microbes, 
and the optimal use of vaginal shower should be only once every week or more.

As for the use of honey as a vaginal shower, I do not recommend it because the sugars found in honey revive the growth of microbes rapidly multiply leading to infections of the vagina


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