Vaginal dryness and what are the symptoms and how can be treated

Many women suffer from the problem of vaginal dryness, which causes pain. The vaginal dryness affects the marital relationship, which increases the marital tension. What are the causes of vaginal dryness, the symptoms of vaginal dryness, and the effective ways to treat vaginal dryness?

Your health today met with Dr. Huda Ayoub, Consultant Gynecologist, who says that vaginal dryness is an abnormal dryness that occurs in the mucous membrane lining the vaginal wall that connects the uterus from the inside and the vagina from the outside.

Causes of dryness of the vagina

The causes of vaginal dryness are numerous, especially due to the hormonal changes in the menopause stage where the level of estrogen is low, or the cause is a problem in ovulation or the appearance of bags on the ovaries.

– Vaginal infections cause dry mucous membranes in the vagina

– Some women suffer from this after birth and during breastfeeding.

– Because of some drugs that treat other diseases such as fibroids or cancer in the uterus or ovaries.

– Removal of the ovaries

– Take some medicines such as cold medicines and depression

– Sejugren syndrome, which is a disorder of immune disorders and affects the moisturizing of the body

– Do not take care of the couple to prolong the foreplay before the practice of intimacy

Symptoms of vaginal dryness

– Feeling uncomfortable and itching even in non-intimate times

– Feeling of burning with pain while exercising intimacy

Does soap or gel increase the problem of vaginal dryness?

It is best to stay away from all that is chemical, to adopt natural things and lukewarm water, to clean sensitive areas of the body, but these substances do not lead to dry vagina. But, on the other hand, it can cause a kind of skin allergy, which results in many problems

What are the methods of treating vaginal drought?

– Take estrogen orally

– Estrogen therapy by using topical treatments in the form of creams or loops

– Use moisturizers and lubricants during intimate relationship to stay away from taking hormones

– stop smoking

– Regularly exercise intimacy to maintain elastic vaginal tissue and youth

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