Vaginal convulsion and affective intimacy

The woman’s reproductive health is an essential part of the overall health of women, affect genital areas on the marital relationship problems are large and may affect the fertility of women and enjoy the marital relationship.

The woman may feel pain during intercourse and dislike of the relationship, which is the beginning of what is known as vaginal cramps and here are the causes of women with vaginal convulsion

Causes of vaginismus

– physical causes: health conditions (urinary tract infections, yeast infections, pelvic inflammatory disease …), certain event (birth, menopause, …), temporary discomfort (insufficient lubrication in the vagina).

– the reasons for non-physical: fear (spasm of the nerves when intercourse for the first time), tension and anxiety (tension and anxiety in general, concern about sexual performance, intimate relationship is not satisfactory in previous times), problems with spouse (ill-treatment or lack of confidence).

Treatment of vaginismus

Vaginal cramping is considered a curable treatment Alassap leading to it, whether the treatment of psychological or behavioral or by providing advice to a couple of the importance of proper meeting and foreplay before the relationship or use of anti-depressant drugs and raise the psychological state.

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