Vaginal bleeding

Bleeding after intercourse 
bleeding after intercourse: There are several reasons for this most likely: the presence of ulcers cervical, which the doctor can detect easily, and must be tested door; to exclude other problems in the cervix as a neck Uterus.

bleeding in the presence of pregnancy or tolerated

Bleeding in the presence or likelihood of pregnancy: The most likely cause is spontaneous abortion, but if there is severe abdominal pain is likely to have an ectopic pregnancy, and should in no case be quick to consult the doctor with a commitment to rest.

Bleeding in the picture (dotting)

Bleeding in the form of (punctuation) Note that you are taking birth control pills: This bleeding is often associated with grain; for irregularity in the treatment and often occurs in the case of not eating one or two pills. Take the pill (missing) when you remember and get in the pill or consult the doctor.


Bleeding near menopause 
Periodontal changes often occur naturally near their cessation, but if severe bleeding occurs, consult a doctor.

Bleeding with a feeling of heaviness and swelling at the bottom of the abdomen

Bleeding with a feeling of heavy weight and swelling at the bottom of the abdomen with back pain and change in the nature of the menstrual cycle: the possibility of a disease in the organs of the pelvis, such as: fibroids, or ovarian insufficiency. Consult your doctor quickly.

Bleeding In the presence of a spiral the 
coil is likely to cause bleeding. Consult the doctor. 

The abundance of the menstrual blood 
in the case of INSAT the most likely cause is the psychological point of disorder for different reasons, but for married, this may occur for many satisfactory reasons such as: fibroid, high blood pressure, you should consult your doctor speed; because it may cause infection anemia [ Anemia ] .

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