Useful dietary tips for diabetics to control the disease

Useful dietary tips for diabetics to control the disease

Diet and exercise play a key role in controlling diabetes in diabetics, and medical studies have reported the effect of many foods on sugar, especially starches.

The clinical consultant in the specialized hospital in Jeddah, Dr. Sadah Ashkai, said that the patient should not rely entirely on the drug, and should not overly take sugar-free products.

“It is a mistake for diabetics not to register their daily diet, which is important to know the type of food that caused high blood sugar.”

It is common for diabetics to accept the idea of ​​the disease, consider changing their lifestyle to the presence of the disease in the family is useless, and the belief that diabetes may worsen even when the diet and exercise, and ignore and neglect the disease because of the patient believes that the doctor is the one who organizes sugar the blood.

In addition to the belief that it is too late for the treatment plan to benefit the patient, and the failure to keep the measurement of blood sugar level, and excessive dependence on medicines and ignore food and exercise health.

It is also a mistake to skip and ignore the dose of insulin and drugs when the blood sugar in the normal situation, and the belief that dispensing with white foods such as sugar and white flour controls blood sugar.

In addition to eating too much and too much good food, and the patient’s attempt to fall sugar to raise it in any way, which may lead to an adverse situation and complications.

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