Use lemon to get rid of sweat

Lemon is one of the most effective antiseptics in the elimination of bacteria that cause the unpleasant appearance that disturb the mood of women and men.Sweating is the process of exiting sweat from the body when exertion or because of high temperature and humidity in the atmosphere, and in multiple areas of the body especially areas of the joints and forehead and soles of the feet and the most important area where the smell of sweat is odious in some people leading to embarrassment among people and the inconvenience of these The situation and the creation of psychological problems.Lemon to get rid of sweat smell

Lemon is an effective killer of bacteria that cause bad sweat, and this method will allow you to get a beautiful smell like the smell of creams of young children, and will earn you an imaginary softness, and this method will eliminate the use of deodorants that lead to the firearm armpits and The appearance of stains is difficult to remove from the clothes, along with a host of other hazards.You can use lemon to get rid of this problem and get a pure skin with a fine smell without having to use the fresheners continuouslyIf you feel that the area has become wet, leave it to the lymphatic area. To dry, your operation will not take that much timeBenefits of lemon to get rid of sweat odor

  • The odor of sweat is emitted by the person who is infected with this condition.
  • Psychological disorders and embarrassment affect this person.
  • The quality of food a person eats such as garlic, onion, ring and special foods are some people like South
  • East Asia and India.
  • A hormonal imbalance causes this odor and digestive disorders.
  • Variation of sweat odor in women during the period of ovulation and emotions.
  • Excessive obesity.
  • Thyroid imbalance and hypoglycemia in diabetics.
  • High body toxins.
  • Shower daily with soap and water and get rid of excess hair.
  • Use talcum powder under the armpits to kill the bacteria.
  • Keep away from foods that cause unpleasant odors like onions, garlic, ring and eat foundry.
  • Use of cotton socks in the case of sweating feet.
  • Use cotton underwear half sleeve allowance for shyl to suck sweat and prevent the effect of outer nylon clothing.
  • Follow a special diet to rid your body of toxins.
  • Minimize caffeine-containing beverages.
  • Attention to eating vegetables and fresh fruit.
  • Drink plenty of water to reduce the concentration of urea.
  • Vinegar: Wipe under the armpits with a cotton-filled cotton cloth to eliminate the bacteria.
  • Option: Wipe under the armpits with option strips is a good removal of sweat.
  • Lemon: Treat under the armpits with half a lemon to prevent sweat odor and bacteria resistance.
  • : Sage the sage as tea and drink daily.
  • Fennel: Dip two teaspoons of fennel in a boiling water cup for a quarter of an hour and then drink as a cup twice a day.
  • Soda and starch: Mix cornstarch or rice with baking soda and sprinkle this mixture under the armpits after the bath.
  • Chamomile: Under the armpits, wipe with a piece of semen to reduce the secretion of sweat, or mix the crushed alum with crushed white musk and spray it under the armpits after bathing.
  • Use some good deodorants.
  • There are some chemicals that are injected into the body, surgical procedures or electrical devices that reduce the activity of sweat glands.

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