Unhealthy foods cause weight gain

There are many foods that many people think are healthy, although they cause many health risks, including increased body weight, so you should know these foods to avoid their risks.

From these foods we offer you the following:

Power boards:

Has started to spread in recent years, especially among athletes because they contain many foods, including fiber and proteins, which contribute to make you saturation and you can exercise your various physical activities, but the fact that the number of calories is very high, each piece is a complete meal and not a snack Therefore, you should not increase them so as not to increase your weight. For example, a Snickers chocolates containing two hundred and eighty calories, so if you want to eat something that makes you feel full to eat your food meal, eat energy plates that contain five grams Of protein with a maximum calorie value of 100 calories.


If the salads are green and contain only vegetables, there are no health problems, but the big problem is the additions added by some, especially in the restaurants, which makes one salad dish contains five hundred and eighty calories and thirty grams of fat and seven In most cases, this salad is served in restaurants with a high calorie meal, which causes the risk to increase in body weight. Therefore, if you are in a restaurant, ask for salad ingredients or know the details well.

Fruit juice :

You may think that mixing several kinds of fruit juices together is useful and makes you get the health benefits of these fruits combined, but this is true only if the drinks are natural and not added to sugar because the sugar with the fruit juice mixture makes the number of calories up to three hundred and Forty and the sugar added to the amount of up to sixty-nine grams so prepare your own juices of fresh fruit without adding sugar to it.


The most common types of food are the many benefits of the body, especially the calcium it needs for bone health and other parts, but the problem lies in the types of milk. The powder or canned milk contains saturated fat and there are some species that promote it as low fat. So make sure the type of milk you eat and be lean or low-fat and you can add natural fruit to him yourself instead of choosing the types that contain the flavors of fruit or sweeten anything else as you wish.

It can be said from the above that food in itself is not the main problem that exposed our bodies to health risks, including weight and obesity, but the way of eating and the amount involved so be careful to know the correct way to eat so as not to expose yourself to illness and health problems.

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