Types of swimming

Swimming is the movement of living organisms that are in the water without walking at the bottom while swimming, swimming is an active movement practiced in a large form of entertainment and it is also a global sport and Olympic and the sport has many benefits.

Types of swimming

Chest Resistant

The swimmer descends into the water, so that his chest touches the water, and his shoulders are on one straight line with the surface of the water. So part of his head appears from above the water, and he takes his mouth out from time to time to take the oxygen to breathe too.


The swimmer will push the pool wall using his feet at the beginning, and also during the rotation, and starts swimming on his back throughout the race, and swimming races on the back have distances are: 100 meters, 200 meters and 50 meters

Butterfly Butterfly

The swimmer strikes the water through the use of his arms forward and also above the water, and then starts pushing them back with each other, and repeats the movement continuously and continuously, and the butterfly swim races have special distances are: 100 meters, 200 meters and 50 meters

Free swimming

The swimmer begins with the style or manner in which he or she relaxes. In the course of the varied or individual relay race, the swimmer must start swimming in a manner very different from the rest of the chest, back and butterfly

The benefits of swimming

  • Swimming is very important in ending the psychological stresses that wear you, and also works to relax the body and mind, and works to raise the morale of the person
  • Swimming makes both the heart and lungs a good aerobic state
  • Swimming is also useful for getting rid of all the internal and virtual wounds and burns that are present in you
  • To swim for an hour you burn between 250 and 500 calories, and also according to the strength and speed of swimming, so swimming is one of the best sports that work on a low weight

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