Types of berries fight arthritis

Chronic arthritis is a common health problem for many people around the world. Arthritis symptoms can be minimized by making some changes in the diet, such as eating foods with anti-inflammatory properties including several types of berries.

Here are three main types of berries that help fight arthritis and reduce its severity, according to the British newspaper “Xpress:

1 – Red berries

Red berries contain a very high percentage of flavonoids, plant receptors that can promote healthy blood vessels and have anti-oxidant and inflammatory effects. Red berries also contain large amounts of vitamin C, which helps reduce the risk of gout and helps combat arthritis.

2 – Strawberry

Sugar is lower in strawberries and contains more vitamin C than the amount of orange. According to the British Arthritis Foundation, eating 16 or more strawberries a week contributes significantly to the relief of joint pain caused by inflammation.

3 – the sharp cherry

Unlike sweet cherries, cherries contain anthocyanins, which give the fruit its rich red color. According to nutrition experts, anthocyanins have an effective effect in fighting arthritis and reduce the risk of glaucoma in people with gout. 

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