Trouble sleeping

Sweating is defined as a significant increase in the secretion of sweat glands, and usually sweating is usually healthy, allow the body to get rid of the harmful substances within it, and provide a natural moisturizing of the body, with high temperature, and sweat acts as a buffer layer to protect from UV rays have many benefits, but there may be excessive sweating sometimes, which causes a lot of problems in some people, in addition to some people suffer from an increase in the secretion of sweat during sleep, the problem we are discussing today cross through the article in my Your hands now.

Causes of sweating in sleep

There are many reasons that lead to such a situation, and the person suffering from sweating during sleep should go to the doctor, in order to determine the main cause behind the condition, in order to describe the appropriate treatment, there are some cases, Excessive and excessive sweating during sleep:

  • When women reach menopause, menopause occurs during this period, resulting in many symptoms, which accompany this age, including heavy sweat during sleep.
  • Diabetics also suffer from excessive sweating during sleep, due to lack of blood sugar.
  • It also occurs during puberty due to hormonal changes, which accompany this period and are accompanied by many physical changes, for females and males, and excessive sweat during sleep and one of these changes.
  • Some drugs may also cause excessive sweating during sleep, such as antihypertensive drugs, as well as psychotropic drugs and antidepressants .
  • GERD also causes severe sweat during sleep.
  • Drug addiction, especially heroin, causes the body to excrete large amounts of sweat during sleep.
  • Excessive patients , and full bodybuilders, are exposed to excessive sweat during sleep more than others.
  • Those who suffer from heart problems also suffer from the problem of heavy sweat at night.

Treatment of sweating in sleep

As we mentioned earlier, there are many reasons for the problem of sweat during sleep, and in order to access the appropriate treatment of this situation, you should visit your doctor to determine the cause of the problem, so that appropriate treatment is described as the case.

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