Treatment of severe coughing with phlegm

Many people suffer from severe cough, which is sometimes accompanied by sputum, and is one of the most common diseases, where the respiratory secretion of sputum to try to clean the microbes breathing during the cough, to help cure the disease quickly, and respiratory sensors send signals The brain indicates that there is a foreign body or infection in the respiratory tract, and then the reaction of the contraction of the muscles of the breath to try to get out of this body, and the following is the best cure for severe cough.Treatment of cough, sputum and allergies

The cough, whether alone or accompanied by sputum, is symptomatic and not satisfactory, ie, once this condition occurs, the body will react spontaneously, which is coughing. The causes are as follows:

Where accompanied by severe cough infection flu and colds, and here coughing to get rid of excessive mucus in the respiratory tract caused by colds and flu.

In the case of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coughing occurs to try to expand the respiratory tract to absorb more oxygen needed for breathing, when the patient is exerting more effort than usual, or in case of lack of oxygen necessary for breathing.

Pollution is one of the most common causes of cough, because dust or dust inhaled by the air enters the respiratory system. Respiratory system patients are therefore advised not to get out of the dusty wind so as not to hurt their respiratory system and have severe sputum associated with sputum.

It is possible that complications of the disease in the case of failure to receive appropriate treatment for cough and these complications are the mother of different severity in the chest and abdomen, in addition to incontinence or lack of control of urination.Treatment of cough and phlegm with herbs

There are many ways that contribute to the treatment of severe cough and phlegm, vary depending on the cause of the disease, there are medical and natural treatments and recognize them as follows:

  • When the cause of the disease is viral, in this case the patient should take drugs resistant to the virus, preferably consult with a doctor to diagnose the virus and give you appropriate treatment.
  • In the case of bronchitis, it is recommended to take bronchodilators to relieve coughing.
  • In the case of chronic cough, the patient takes antibiotics that kill the microbes in the respiratory system, and can also consult with the doctor to take some of the drugs that help reduce the level of brain stimulation, and therefore less signals sent from the brain to the respiratory system for coughing.

Treatment of chronic cough

  • Some help calm the cough and treat it definitively such as: honey, lemon, and this treatment is preferred in the case of coughing with colds and flu due to lack of risk and accessibility.

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