Treatment of nasal obstruction in children easily at home.

The children are exposed to some of the mistakes of the family, such as exaggeration in heating the stomach with heavy clothes or negligence, as well as lack of attention to the temperature of the child’s room, as well as the excessive use of nasal sprays and colds.

These misconducts have the great effect of increasing the complications of the child and continue to be effective and tolerant.

Treatment of nasal obstruction in children is necessary so that the child feels comfortable and reduces the pain and tenderness of pain and also reduces the pressure to parents and feel comfortable and happy.

In order to treat the obstruction of the nose in children to you a set of effective means that you can do home easily and help to reduce the congestion of the nose of the child are:

1 – Make the child in the lying position on the mirror and then put a towel on the shoulders and used the solution of the salt to the nose by placing three points or if the sprayer injected into the baby’s nose and then turned the child on the stomach.

2 – Use a device to suction the mucus from the nose of the child to suction the mucus from the nose of the child easily.

3. Place your child in a tilted position by raising the baby’s head.

4 – Encourage your child to drink plenty of warm fluids or palliative if small.

5 – Adjust the temperature of your child’s room at the usual temperature and be sterilized using any air disinfectant spray.

6 – Warm your child with warm water and therefore encourages the immune system to resist congestion and reduce.

7 – Care not to use cold medicines or nasal sprays of non – salt solution for children less than two years, except when necessary and consult the doctor and must not exceed four days and then stop until the body does not get used to it becomes useless.

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