Treatment of menstrual pain

The pain of the menstrual cycle is one of the most disturbing girls, especially in adolescence, where the pain of the menstrual cycle feeling upset and anxiety and affect significantly on the girl’s mood.

It may be one of the solutions to get rid of the pain of the menstrual cycle, but there are some do not see the effect of the effective or suffering from the weight of the amounts in the stomach, and here about simple and effective treatment and get rid of pain menstrual cycle naturally.

Cinnamon to get rid of menstrual pain

Studies have shown that cinnamon powder two days before the beginning of the menstrual cycle facilitates the smooth descent of the session and relieve the pain of abdominal muscles and uterus and get rid of the found menstrual cycle.

Your food is related to menstrual pain

Experts advise to eat vegetables and fruits before the course of the course a week with drinking plenty of water and away from eating tea, coffee, smoking and salt in food, which reduces the feeling of pain down the abdomen during the days of the menstrual cycle.

Magnesium relieves menstrual pain

Magnesium is a component that reduces uterine contractions and reduces muscle tension, which reduces menstrual pain and foods rich in magnesium, bananas and figs.

Rest relieves pain

One of the most important causes of menstrual pain is not getting adequate sleep hours. This is why I will not be able to sleep until eight hours of sleep. This will greatly reduce the incidence of various menstrual pains that result from exhaustion of the body.

Massage the abdomen with oils

The massage of the abdomen with oils is one of the methods used to relieve back and abdominal pain. Lavender oil, rose oil, mariamatlidlique and massage are used in light circular movements every day for one week before the menstrual cycle.

Water cooler for heating

Using hot water and placing it under the abdomen as a hot bath helps greatly ease the pain of the menstrual cycle.

Eat fish during the course

The fish are rich in omega oils. Experts have proven effective in relieving menstrual pain or menopause.


Exercise eases dramatically contractions of the muscles of the abdomen and uterus special daily walk and exercise heart to relieve menstrual pain different

Eat whole grains

Whole grains are rich in fiber and important minerals that help prevent constipation and reduce muscle cramps

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