Treatment of jealousy of children of new born

Jealousy of the attributes of emotions in humans, arise jealousy among children once you start to learn and understand things, experts say it begins in the shape of the child since the first months and growing up with him and not go unnoticed parents only when there is a new baby full interest in concentrates than the child that the new baby feel He has taken part of the care that he considers a queen, which makes me feel jealous of the new baby.

The child’s feelings of jealousy are shown in the direction of the new child, who tries to hide them constantly, but they are manifested through behavioral activism.

How does jealousy appear in a child?

The elder child tries first to show feelings of love towards the new child with a pen and a kiss. He also intends to draw automatic attention. However, the behavior of the wrong parents in dealing with the big boy is sometimes traumatic, and the new baby is born, in addition to showing love feelings towards the newborn and depriving the older brother of them. It is noticed that the child is constantly pushed to jealousy by the younger brother and tries to follow a behavior to attract attention, such as placing a hand in the mouth or urinating at night.

The jealousy of the child becomes more acute for the brother to ignore the feelings of the parents and treat them with rudeness and cruelty, which may affect the relationship between the brothers later.

Can you treat that jealousy?

The treatment of jealousy among children is not difficult, but parents need to know how to teach and deal with children, avoid negative feelings of preference for a new baby, and offer you tips and advice on how to prevent jealousy among children.

– Avoid increasing attention to the new baby, either the older brother.

– National bought some gifts for the elder brother and the news that it is born of the new love and happy B

– Share your child in household matters and Ashariya to you

– Encourage your child to play with the younger brother and always feel sensitive that he is responsible for love and tenderness

– When placing your little boy on your man, put a big brother on the other man so he does not feel any difference

– Put your child’s cheek next to the big brother and told him that he wants a kiss and touch, touching children each other increases the bond of love between them and fear the other.

– Do not breastfeed your little baby in front of a brother, but the father plays an important role. When you feed your little child, the father plays with the eldest son far from the eyes of a brother without feeling what makes him still interested as usual.

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