Treatment of hemorrhoids and prevention methods


Hemorrhoid is a medical condition that causes the veins to rise and swell in the anus, specifically in the lower part of the rectum. This swelling is known to affect the veins during the effort of the intestine and the great pressure on the veins in this area. It should be noted that These veins are the function of controlling faeces in the normal situation; however, it becomes satisfactory in the case of inflation and inflammation, and is classified in the list of diseases of the digestive system that affects the three pillows in the anal canal of the human, and often distributed these pillows in the aspects of the aperture, Bloody release It contains the sinuses and connective tissue, and in this article will talk about the treatment of hemorrhoids and its causes and symptoms.

Causes of hemorrhoids

The following are the most important causes of hemorrhoids, and therefore the need to treat hemorrhoids in various ways to ensure the lack of access to complications, and the most important of these reasons:

  • Bowel movement dysfunction; constipation and constipation.
  • Laziness and inactivity.
  • Lack of athletic activity.
  • Dieting is poor for fiber.
  • Increased pressure within the abdominal cavity.
  • DNA.
  • Aging.
  • Lack of valves in hemorrhoids.
  • Cough and chronic cough.
  • For prolonged periods.
  • Excessive weight gain.
  • Pregnancy, so that the weight of the fetus increases pressure on the abdomen.
  • Hormonal changes in the body.
  • Birth.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

There are many symptoms on patients with hemorrhoids, it is necessary to treat hemorrhoids in various ways, and the most important symptoms:

  • Acute pain in the anus.
  • The appearance of skin follicles and hypertrophy.
  • Dermatitis surrounding the anus.
  • Severe itching in the vicinity of the anus.
  • Hemorrhage and red-light feces.
  • Comic defecation.
  • The presence of mucous secretions.
  • Drop a block around the anus.
  • Leaking stool.

Diagnosis of hemorrhoids

The doctors resort to subject the patient to the diagnosis to detect the presence of hemorrhoids in several ways, including:

  • Physical examination, by detecting external hemorrhoids hanging from the opening of the East by looking at the naked eye.
  • Conducting special tests in the rectum, to verify the presence or absence of a tumor in the rectum.
  • Use the hollow analoscope to conduct visual diagnosis of internal hemorrhoids.

Treatment of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be treated in many ways, and the most important methods used in the treatment of hemorrhoids:

Analgesic drugs such as pain-reducing paracastamol, corticosteroids treated for anorectal infections, laxatives, or laxatives; the latter help to empty the intestine completely by moving it in case of constipation.

There are many ways in which herbs can be used to treat hemorrhoids.

  • , Or known as cactus and gel, used to calm external irritations, and used to put on the area and massage slowly, the advantage of aloe vera gel with the presence of anti-inflammatory substances among its components.
  • Lemon juice: Used by dipping cotton balls lemon juice, and applied to the areas of injury; and its role in the activation of blood vessels and veins thanks to the nutrients it contains.
  • Almond oil, dipping cotton balls with almond oil and wiping it on the affected area, helps to reduce the inflammation and reduce the feeling of itching and moisturize the area around the anus.
  • Olive oil is used in the treatment of external hemorrhoids, which is applied to the area and reduces the inflammation, because of the presence of anti-oxidants and inflammation in its composition.
  • Place ice packs on the area several times, for a quarter of an hour a day.
  • Use garlic suppositories, or dipped garlic and apply it to hemorrhoids by cotton piece.
  • Black tea bags.
  • Horse chestnut: plays a great role in narrowing blood vessels, paralyzing the destructive enzymes of damaged veins.
  • A charming hazelnut plant.
  • The blueberry plant.
  • Eat boiled peel .

Medical options are abundant in treatment , including:

  • Treatment of hemorrhoids by binding: This is a process by which the doctor to connect the rectum and an anus by wrapping elastic band elastic around the base of hemorrhoids, and contributes to the bar to prevent access to hemorrhoids; hemorrhoids fall within 7 days only.
  • Treatment of hemorrhoids by thymus: This is done by injecting a substance at the base of the hemorrhoids to contribute to scarring. This substance is often a narcotic substance for the sensory nerve endings present in the area; the tissue is hardened so that the hemorrhoids gradually shrink within six weeks.
  • Irradiation by infrared: by shedding the rays on the hemorrhoid directly to burn and reduce the arrival of blood and flow to it.
  • Surgically.

Prevention of hemorrhoids

There are many ways that can be followed to completely dispense with the treatment of hemorrhoids; prevention of hemorrhoids and avoid infection, including:

  • Exercise constantly.
  • Drink copious amounts of .
  • A balanced diet.
  • Do not sit for long periods.
  • Stay away from anal intercourse.
  • Wear comfortable cotton underwear.
  • Many foods high in fiber.
  • Go to the toilet immediately after feeling the need for it.
  • Keep your personal hygiene constant.
  • Reduce the consumption of caffeine-rich foods .
  • Limit the use of laxatives or laxatives.
  • Need to dry the anal area after the completion of the output.

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