Treatment of forgetfulness in the most natural way effective

Forgetting is one of God’s blessings on man. Forgetting is a cure for many life problems. Imagine that you can remember everything that happened to you from your childhood until now. How can your brain handle this vast amount of stored information without losing your mind from the continuous flow of information? ? But forgetfulness sometimes causes some problems related to academic achievement, remembering important places, people and important things. .Treatment of forgetfulness and poor memory

It is possible to call for excessive forgetfulness (weakness of memory), a common problem that most people face in general. The reasons for forgetting are:

  • The body lacks fatty acids such as Omega 3.
  • Alcohol abuse continuously.
  • Aging and aging.
  • The brain was damaged as a result of an accident or a strong drop from a high place.
  • Drug abuse of all kinds.
  • An electric shock that a person experiences as a treatment for certain brain problems.
  • Dysfunction of the diet and lack of key elements important to brain health.
  • Some negative habits such as: Overuse and excessive use of electronic devices.
  • Do not exercise and sit for long periods.

Treatment of forgetfulness and poor memory in children

There are natural herbs that allow you to treat constant forgetfulness, such as thyme, ginseng, cinnamon, parsley, garlic and mint. In the ease of conservation and memorization; and therefore advised such herbs for students during the study.

Keep up the exercise that activates blood circulation in the brain, which affects positively on the state of the brain and memory.Treatment of forgetfulness among students

These are:

  • Quit drugs and alcohol.
  • Take enough rest every day to relax your brain.
  • Avoid late nights.
  • Excessive intake of folic acid.
  • Eat fish regularly because they contain many minerals and fatty acids such as omega-3.
  • Do not over-eat sweets and ready-made foods.
  • The use of electronic devices such as: smart phones, computer and television as appropriate; because the excessive use of these devices distract brain and brain and eye.

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