Treatment of damaged hair during breastfeeding

The subject is of course a personal experience and no medication, no need means Mtajsh return to the doctor, treat your hair damaged easily and during breastfeeding. Always find women after pregnancy and birth unusual fall of hair and damage and dryness, the problem encountered me after the birth so that I worried that my hair is falling and of course after the research so much that there is no treatment during breastfeeding only vitamins entrusted to God and treated my hair myself as follows:

1 – Bath cream or oil (hope oil) for half an hour or an hour before the bath two days a week

2 – Wash the hair shampoo Dove or Pantene and then Balsam then put cream (bath cream) and rinsed half a rinse

3 – Dry well and lay it with a wood comb

4 – Put a little cream of ordinary hair and be Pantene

5 – Taking vitamins of iron and calcium and al-Hamdallah hair returned to normal in a month and I was still in the months of breastfeeding of course depending on the personal only, but the commitment to vitamins and eating and control and drink plenty of water with care of hair Khalani and reached the results and very possible change in the types of shampoo and conditioner What suits Hair quality

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