Treatment of constipation … The method of using fennel for constipation

Constipation is an annoying and embarrassing disease at the same time that affects people sometimes and adversely affect the patient’s health and psychological condition, due to a defect in the bowel movement, which in turn affect the process of output of the stool, and usually try to catch constipation seeking innovative treatment methods, and natural even not exposed to that condition Which we can not deal with easily, and we have discussed the team site Rajim on the best methods of treatment of constipation and we have reached some natural recipes to solve this problem will review them together, and also highlight the importance of fennel in the treatment of constipation and methods of use.constipation treatment

The human body consists of a group of devices linked to each other, each with its function performed accurately, but in some cases may affect one of the devices a defect, and the result of exposure to human health to solve the problem, and those organs digestive system, responsible for bowel movement and This condition affects the muscles of the intestine and consequently a problem occurs in the process of the output of the stool, which turns into solid materials are formed in the event of bowel movement defect from the normal state of being moving at least two or three times a week, and this occurs constipation and must solve the problem So fast not to agree He spoke more problems.

There is nothing better than the natural recipes that can be used as it arose without any anxiety or exposure to any side effects, such as those found in medical medications, which are usually accompanied by some annoying side effects, we solve the problem but we have another exhibitor more disturbing, but with natural recipes to use completely safe, and start Modern as a castor oil recipe.

Castor oil is one of the traditional ways to treat constipation and has been known since . It dissolves the intestines naturally and makes the intestines move better and get rid of the difficulty of taking out the stool. The method of use is to put a spoon of castor oil in any juice you prefer to overcome its bitter taste. On an empty stomach.

This method is delicious and desirable to get rid of the annoying constipation and be through the eating of peach fruit, but in fact in constipation prefer to take it as juice, and plums of the natural stimulants of the colon and activates the movement of the intestine, allowing the exit of stool at normal rates.

One of the great ways to get rid of constipation is to eat fish oil, whether by eating fish or omega-3 dietary supplements, and warn of overuse of it.

Fennel is an amazing natural remedy for constipation. People who are prone to infection should take fennel tea daily to avoid infection. It works on colon swelling and also improves its function.

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