Treatment of colic menstrual cycle

Treatment of colic , before the start of the menstrual cycle for women (about two or three days) begins to suffer cramps and convulsions that cause pain in the lower abdomen, and may be accompanied by pain in the lower back, and pain in the leg, and may reach fainting in cases of pain, ranging from the intensity of contraction from mild pain to This is different from one woman to another, so the majority of women with menstrual periods suffer from only 10% of temporary pain.

The condition that suffers from menstrual pain from the first period is classified as the first dysmenorrhea. If the pelvic inflammatory disease develops in the lining of the uterus, it is classified as dysmenorrhea secondary. In the following lines, we will provide you with the most important methods of treating menstrual colic during menstruation.

  • The occurrence of the first menstrual cycle of the girl at an early age (less than 11 years).
  • Prostaglandin: A chemical produced by the body of the woman and separated by the muscles of the uterus and cause many contractions during menstruation and vary in severity according to the proportion of their presence in the body, and may be accompanied by vomiting and headache.
  • The occurrence of fibroids in the lining of the uterus.
  • Infections in the genitals.
  • Ectopic pregnancies.
  • Cervical narrowness.

Treatment of colic menstrual cycle

When the increase in pain, fever and chills occur in all organs, you should go to the doctor immediately and do the following:

– Perform medical tests through ultrasound to confirm the presence of lumps in the uterus or not.

– The use of endoscopy, the introduction of a telescope through the vagina to be able to see the uterus and diagnose the problems that exist and cause these pains.

– The use of analgesic drugs, which have been effective in reducing menstrual pain including: Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen, and naproxen, as these drugs relieve the rise of prostaglandin causing pain.

– Laparoscopy for the treatment of pelvic inflammatory diseases, and ovarian blisters after confirmation of the diagnosis of the condition and injury.

Fennel contains chemicals against uterine contractions, and studies have shown that eating during menstruation leads to the disappearance of pain by 73%.

Powder contains a large proportion of anti-prostaglandins and inflammation causing menstrual pain, and it works to purify the uterus of rotten menstrual blood and relieve colic.

Herb herb contains powerful anti-inflammatory and prostaglandin compounds, and has a powerful effect as a precursor of muscles.

The plant contains a mother of a thousand leaves on 82 active compounds, including volatile oils for blood purification and stop bleeding and analgesic of the menstrual cycle.

Molly leaves are the most powerful treatments for menstrual pain. It is a tonic for the reproductive system and a strong analgesic. It is prepared like tea and is taken once a day during menstruation.

Chamomile tea contains a special agent to relieve the pain of the acute menstrual cycle, as well as containing the substance of glycine, a chemical that relieves colic and pelvic cramps.

Used as a treatment for premenstrual syndrome where you reduce symptoms, but you should consult your doctor as it interferes with psychiatric drugs.

There are some guidelines that if followed to protect against colic menstrual cycle, including:

  1. Maintain ideal body weight.
  2. Non-smoking and drinking arugula.
  3. Take care of exercise.
  4. Do not overuse alcohol.
  5. Massage the back and work a warm massage in the pelvic area.
  6. Take care of exercise before starting the course.
  7. Follow a low-fat diet
  8. Take thiamine (100 mg daily) and compensate for calcium (1200 mg / day).

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