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Some people complain of sore throats in the throat. The sound of the sound has caused great distress to many people. Laryngitis, which plays an important role in issuing sounds. If you are suffering from this problem, do not worry, but what are the causes of this, and what are the symptoms associated with bronchitis and available treatments?Image of sore throat

  •  Many reasons are responsible for the sound of the sound, some are accidental and others are indicative of other diseases, and some suffer from the loudness that leads to the disappearance of sound suddenly, and sometimes remain for more than two weeks requires medical intervention, and the soundness of the voice refers to

Difficult to make the sound effects clear and audible when you try to speak. The sound effects may be weak but audible, and may be accompanied by humming, scribbling or loud sound, which changes your sound tone.

  •  And is called dyspepsia (Harseness or Dysphonia), and may be called a defect in the vote, and is the acoustics the main symptom in larynx, and bronchial is a medical term called voice disorders, that is a weakness in the ability to produce sounds using acoustic organs, Dystrophy, which indicates weakness in the muscles required for the production of speech. Thus, the loudness is a disturbance by the sound output …
  • The sound may be loud, gasping, rough, or coarse, but the sound output is still possible. This is in contrast to the sound loss in which the sound is completely absent, and the reasons for the soundlessness are either organic or functional due to faulty sound. Any acoustic organ, usually caused by a failure in the ability of the vocal folds to vibrate normally during exhalation, and so often notice the joy when producing the sounds of vowels …
  • For example, when the sound is released normally and naturally, the vocal folds are combined to vibrate in a simple (open / closed) cycle, adjusting the airflow from the lungs, and a partial paralysis in one side of the larynx that can prevent this minor periodic vibration and cause irregular movement In one or both sides of the muzzle, and you hear this irregular movement as coarse sound, which is very common in partial paralysis of acoustic folds …
  •  Sometimes a person can be surprised by the difference in his voice or notice the presence of the sound in his voice, find himself in front of a situation between him and his ability to get out his usual voice, giving his voice something of weakness or roughness, and one of the main reasons for the sudden use of the person to misguide it or use it Such as screaming, severe inflammation of the throat due to infection with a virus such as influenza, or the result of the use of sound for long periods, in addition to the presence of other reasons leading to the incidence of sound Balhha, including smoking, which in turn is the main cause of cancer of the throat, Hclat thyroid, allergies that affect the airway, and is Flashback in Esophagus of the reasons for the sound hoarseness especially when older, where the acid from the apostate works towards the esophagus to irritate the vocal cords or because of the psychological factor, emotional trauma …

A young man– acute laryngitis : viral, bacterial …– chronic laryngitis : smoking, GERD, pharyngeal pharyngitis …– Pre-cancer tumors : abnormal growth …– Malignant tumors : squamous cell carcinoma …– Traumatic shock origin : Surgery, intubation …– Incidental Shock : Crack, Break, Thermal …– Endocrine : hypothyroidism, hypothyroidism …– Hematology : Ammonia …– Therapeutics of origin : inhalation of cortisone …

  •  Psychological …
  • Misuse of sound …
  • unknown reason…

Inflammation of bronchitis is caused by several different causes, which are:

  • Catarrh or flu:  These diseases are one of the most common causes of laryngitis and cholera.
  • GERD:  It may be a common cause of chronic laryngitis.
  • Use of vocal cords in a large way:  such as participating in activities that require talking or screaming for long periods.
  • Irritation of the throat area:  such as exposure to smoke or substances that cause  .
  • Use of certain types of medicines:  such as used in the treatment of asthma.
  • High sound tone:  Use high tone continuously and durable sound.
  • Age:  As you age, the vocal cords become as tight as before, which will make you sound louder.
  • Smoking: It  is one of the most important reasons that lead to irritation of the larynx and bronchitis.
  1.  Nerve damage
  2.  Cancer
  3.  The appearance of a tumor or lumps in the area of ​​the throat or vocal cords.

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The main symptom of laryngeal infection is hoarseness.

Your voice may become unusually laryngeal and your voice may be lost in some cases.

Other symptoms associated with laryngitis include:

  1. Sore throat
  2.  Cough
  3.  Problems and difficulty swallowing.

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  • Black pepper is a wonderful and effective home remedy for sore throat. It has been used for a long time. We can use black pepper by adding) teaspoon black pepper to a teaspoon of butter. This mixture should be taken at least (3) times a day throughout the treatment period. Another way to use black pepper is to add about half a teaspoon of black pepper to a few drops of lemon juice with hot water to get a mixture used to treat the throat. This mixture should be taken several times In one day to reduce the hoarseness of sound …If you suffer from laryngitis, eating vinegar diluted with water is the best home remedy for you, so mixing a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and drinking this mixture 3 times a day for a few days helps to heal Full…Garlic is the miracle home remedy for the treatment of hoarseness, because it contains alicine, an antimicrobial agent that helps kill bacteria and viruses that cause throat irritation. Garlic can be used as a juice from a few cloves of garlic or just a clove of garlic for treatment with water. Another way to do this is by peeling   garlic and cutting them into two pieces, then put them on both sides of the mouth and biting them gently for the juice to descend …- Honey can treat anything from skin spots to sore throat, honey can be taken alone or added to lemon juice and water, a very effective treatment for bleach when taken with basil leaves, can also add a few drops of lemon juice to a tablespoon of Honey, swallow it to reduce hoarseness, or add a teaspoon of honey to the juice of basil leaves and swallow, this juice is taken from (3 to 4) times a day for a few days until the disease is eliminated …

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  • Fresh tea helps soften the throat area effectively.- Ginger tea can help reduce acute sore throat and relieve hoarseness. Shale ginger can be prepared by peeling a piece of ginger root and cutting it into small pieces and letting it boil for 20 minutes until the water turns to yellowish and then leaves the mixture to cool, Then add a teaspoon of honey, sip slowly 3 times a day to relieve the hoarseness, and instead chew a piece of ginger to relieve pain and soreness associated with laryngitis. This also helps to relieve the symptoms of cough and cold, The way to do this is to chew a piece of ginger in the mouth and let the The juice contained within the entrance to the throat and stability for some time (kalgarh) before swallowing …- Many do not know that the humble onion is a cure for sore throats and bacilli, where the onions are cut into large pieces and add to a pot containing water, and then boil water until you get the onion drink, and after the onion, the onion is used by adding a few tablespoons of it To a glass of lukewarm water, and then add honey and lemon juice to juice, and should be taken at least twice a day juice for immediate and effective treatment …

Picture of turmeric- Turmeric is very useful to the human body in the treatment of many diseases, it reduces the presence of inflammation in the body because of its excellent antibacterial properties, and it is also a source of abundant elements of iron and manganese and vitamin (B6) and fiber and potassium, and uses turmeric to treat sore throat because of its characteristics Antibiotics can eliminate bacterial and viral infections endemic to the throat, as well as its antiseptic properties, which promote the healing process quickly, and can be placed turmeric in our daily system, by adding a little turmeric powder to a cup of hot milk and drink at the most L Twice a day, especially before going to bed …Another way to take advantage of turmeric is to buy some fresh turmeric roots in the market and use them to make a cup of fresh turmeric juice by mixing about 4 cups of milk with 1/2 teaspoons of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon (2 cups) of honey and mix them with the electric mixer. This mixture can be taken twice a day for maximum benefit …Photo of gargling with salt- Saltwater gargle is a wonderful, fast and effective home remedy for sore throats and chastity. All we have to do is add salt to warm water and gurgle twice a day to restore healthy throat. Gargling with salty water is effective for treating hoarseness because salt significantly reduces sore throat However, we suggest that you do not use too much salt because it will irritate and irritate the throat instead of calming it and eliminating inflammation. Salt water should be kept in the throat for a long time so that the salt in the throat can be cured. You should avoid drinking or eating anything for at least half an hour …

  • – Collected all the ancient Arab doctors such as Ibn al-Bitar, Ibn Sina, and David Antoki that the juice of licorice
  • Of the most beneficial food for sound and improve the performance of the larynx and strengthen the trachea
  • Note that licorice juice warns of drinking to people with blood pressure, diabetes …
  • It is mentioned in the book of the prophetic medicine of Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah, as the salt of the fish, eating and eating, the lining of the lung, and the presence of sound …

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The best way to keep your voice and avoid an infection is by maintaining the moisture of the throat and not irritating it.

You can apply this by following these tips:

  • Avoid smoking and smoking
  • Reduce the amount of caffeine and alcohol consumed
  • Be sure to wash your hands and clean them daily
  • Avoid exposure to irritating chemicals
  • Try to avoid foods that cause indigestion and heartburn.

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