Treatment of Anemia, Anemia Symptoms

The treatment of anemia by adhering to important dietary and therapeutic advice has been compiled for you to benefit. An optional reason for the subject of anemia is its spread among many people and through my reading I found that there are two types of anemia. I did not know beforehand. The first type is prenicious anemia, The result is a decrease in one of the necessary elements needed by the body to absorb vitamin B12, and the second type is anemia caused by the lack of iron element in the blood iron deficiency.

  • Human loss of a large amount of blood can not be compensated by the body, such as women with long menstrual periods.
  • Many people obsessed with tea and coffee, thus disrupting iron absorption in the body and thus anemia.
  • Feel tired and tired
  • Headaches
  • The fainting
  • The pale
  • Tea and coffee reduce the body’s absorption of iron for those who abstain from eating it.
  •  Eating fiber-rich foods immediately after eating supplements is usually unhealthy for people with anemia. It is completely like tea and coffee. It reduces the body’s absorption of iron so do not refrain from taking it because it is very useful for the body, but if you need to eat supplements containing iron before 4 or 6 Hours or more of fiber-rich foods or long afterward.
  • Meat is rich sources of iron such as liver and red meat, especially venison and veal slices, as well as poultry meat, chicken, grazing, geese, halves, geese, rabbits and pigeons, as well as oysters.
  • Eat wheat, whole wheat flour and wheat germ because it is rich in iron.
  • Eat apricots, zesti and dried peaches.
  • Eat rich iron such as spinach, curry, Brussels cabbage, ordinary cabbage and organic tomatoes.
  • Eating black honey is rich in iron
  • For the treatment of anemia eating plum juice it contains a significant proportion of the element iron.
  • To increase the effectiveness of iron absorption and to help treat anemia, take 1 gram of vitamin C, 400 micrograms of folic acid and 1 mg of vitamin B12 daily.
  • For the treatment of anemia intake of iron containing supplements with a glass of fresh juice because it helps to absorb iron for the presence of vitamin C in fruit juice.
  • Women who suffer from genetic disorder called Haemochromatosis should not take iron alone and do not take vitamin C in large quantities.
  • Doctors are advised to exceed the age of 50 years to refrain from taking supplements containing iron unless forced to do so because of his health because excessive intake of iron makes it accumulates in the body and causes heart disease for elderly people, so these people consult with the doctor before taking iron, Their purpose was to treat anemia.

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