Treating toothaches with natural recipes

If you are a woman suffering from dental pain and can not go to the dentist for one reason or another, be in the pregnancy or breast feeding or other … We offer you Madam recipes from nature proved to be effective in reducing the pain of teeth .


Clove is one of the most famous aromatic herbs that have been associated since ancient times in the treatment of various dental problems.

If you suffer from cavities and tooth decay, you can put the clove powder in the place of caries to eliminate the pain and the clove. The mouth makes a good smell.


Aspirin is known to stop the severe head pain If you suffer from pain in the teeth, take a piece of aspirin tablet, which is placed on the place of decay or next to the age where you feel pain and call it melts and you will notice the disappearance of pain immediately. Aspirin works as a topical dwelling and eliminates inflammation.

Ice tea compresses:

Security For the use of ice tea compresses to relieve gum and tooth infections, we cut a bag of tea or cotton wet with tea in the refrigerator and after cool well placed next to the age that causes you pain. The tannin found in tea relieves swelling of the gums and relieves pain.

Warm water and salt:

One of the most ancient and proven ways to get rid of tooth pain is to rinse with warm water and salt. We would melt a tablespoon of salt in half a cup of warm water and use a salt solution in the rinse where salt works to relieve tooth swelling and eliminate decaying bacteria and bad breath.

hydrogen peroxide:

You can buy the oxygen water in the pharmacies, so that the amount of oxygen water diluted by the normal water is taken and the solution is used in the rinse. In addition to the effect of oxygen water disinfectant of the bacteria, it works to eliminate the layers of lime deposited over the teeth gives the teeth a healthier appearance whiter.

Apple vinegar or white vinegar:

Wet a piece of clean cotton with a little white vinegar or apple cider vinegar and place on the place of pain with pressure for several minutes, soothing the pain until it disappears.


Sprinkle a piece of fresh ginger and place in place for several minutes. Ginger contains natural antibiotics that eliminate bacteria causing tooth decay. Gingerbread can be used on a daily basis to freshen up the smell of the mouth and remove the toothache.

Mint leaves:

We sprinkle a handful of fresh peppermint leaves and then put them on the place of the pain and where the mint works to calm the gums and reduce the feeling of pain and make the mouth smell refreshing and fine.

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