Treating colds during pregnancy

Women are relatively less immune in their pregnancy months than normal, so when they get regular colds they have to pay attention so that the disease does not go on and on.

To prevent colds
• Follow a balanced healthy diet and take care of fresh vegetables and fruits that contain many vitamins, especially vitamin C (available in lemon, orange and guava) that enhance immunity and increase resistance to any patient during pregnancy 
• Presence in a healthy atmosphere clean away For crowded places, patients and smokers 
• Personal hygiene and frequent hand washing 
• Avoid exposure to sudden change in temperature

As for colds, if the symptoms are mild and the body temperature does not reach 39 ° C (102 ° F) , we recommend natural home remedies:
• Complete bed rest, minimizing nerve tension as much as possible 
• When sleeping lift your head and upper part of your body on A sloping pillow to reduce sinus congestion and to help you breathe better 
• Drink plenty of fluids, especially chicken soup and non-hot lemon juice because the high heat is lost by vitamin c 
• gargle with water and salt to fight sore throat, add a little honey suspension 
• inhalation of warm water vapor to open Paths Breathing and removing nasal congestion 
• Place two points of tea tree oil on a paper napkin and inhalation at regular intervals
• saline-free in pharmacies moisturize the nose and relieve irritation of mucous tissue, but make sure it is only a saline solution without the addition of other pharmaceutical substances 
• Nasal strips of pharmacies help greatly improve breathing when properly glued over the nose, The sides of the nose and the breathing pathway remain mechanically open

a body temperature is 39 ° C, pregnancy may be at risk of miscarriage in the first months or heat causes nervous system malformations 
. Frequent coughs and sneezing expose the pregnant woman to the risk of hernia in the umbilicus or hernia, especially in recent months. Pregnancy 
If you continue to have cold symptoms for a long time, you may have another infection such as chest inflammation requiring treatment. 
Your doctor will often prescribe antibiotics such as penicillin, which is safe for pregnancy (taking into account the lack of sensitivity of the penicillin component) , And baramol is more For safety measures in pregnancy, 
avoid taking any antibiotics without prescription, as many of them may cause fetal abnormalities such as tetracycline, which causes discoloration in your child’s teeth and bones.
The dose of the complete antibiotic must be completed even if it is improved so that there is no relapse and you have to repeat the dose again

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