Treat allergy and colds

At the beginning of the spring many people become allergic and may develop to the cold, which made many of them looking for treatment and the cold and this effect on their lives and family work, and may vary the sensitivity of one person to another and the effects vary, some people feel sensitive to some things and some The other is not, so we will show you through your magazine distinguished all the treatment of allergy and cold only through this article Vtabona.

Causes of allergic rhinitis and colds

Treat allergy and colds

There are many reasons for human susceptibility to allergies and colds.

  • Differences of seasons especially spring, this is due to pollen by air.
  • The spread of flowers in the spring in large proportions is one of the biggest factors for exposure to allergic rhinitis.
  • Breathing wind and air loaded with dirt.
  • Do not eat enough water, leading to dehydration.
  • Sensitivity of some types of spices.
  • Some infections may infect the nose.
  • Sensitivity of some types of perfume.

Treat allergy and colds

Allergy treatment

  1. Work on the use of antihistamines and prefer to use before bed because they most often lead to sleep.
  2. Mitigating the inflammation of mucous membranes, by taking some mild-impact antibiotics.
  3. Inhaled with water and salt this by working a salt solution where you can put salt on a liter of water, inhaling it 4 times daily.
  4. To treat allergy you have to inhalation from the smoke rising from burning leaf leaves .
  5. Maintain water intake to compensate for what the body needs during the day.
  6. Stay away from the sun.
  7. Avoid places and gardens full of flowers.
  8. Avoid odors and scents.

Some herbs that treat rhinitis and rhinitis can be used.

  • Eat boiled : This is boiled through the suspension of ginger with a little clove, and then filtered and sweetened with a little honey.
  • Eat turmeric mixture with honey : Put a number of spoons of equal amount of turmeric with the same of honey and mix well, eat the mixture daily, hanging one enough for the treatment of allergy and colds.

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