Top 15 tips for nutritionists in the world to lose weight in the summer

Dieting and weight loss is a big dream for all those who suffer from obesity and with the arrival of summer offers the most famous nutritionists in the world 15 tips to lose weight and get rid of

Excess weight and body fat to get desired agility

– to reduce the prices of soft drinksTop 15 advices for nutritionists in the world to lose weight in the summer

Do not try to drink soft water rich in calorie and replace it with fresh juices

High nutritional value and low calorie and you will notice day after day some decrease

Pounds of your body easily.

– Addressing authorities.

Put the authorities in your meals, especially dinner in the diet programs are working on

Comfort of intestines and ease of digestion and lack of gases.

3. Eat proteins in the morning

Eating protein at breakfast helps reduce hunger all day long, even if you eat a quick diet to lose weight protein in a meal


– daily sports.

Dietetic experts in the world recommend practicing any form of daily sport such as walking, running, football or tennis for half an hour every day.

The weight loss on the balance constantly.

– Sports is part of daily fun

Do not exercise daily routine so you do not dictate it but cheer it up and engage in fun with friends.

– Realistic goals.

Put yourself a goal every week for the loss of 2 kg, for example, and will find a quick response to your body in maintaining weight after dieting and not increase.

– Always light meals with you.

When traveling for long distances or during road traffic, take a low calorie snack from your bag so that you do not feel the discomfort that causes hunger.

– Your own food with you always

When you go out or travel you should have your own meal so you do not feel hungry and buy unhealthy meals.

– Search for posts.

Always look for those who share your success in weight loss and the goal of the diet so you can enjoy the joy together.

10 – Amaze the many summer fruits

With the coming of the summer there are many types of fresh fruit in the time of the year and not like others who come in the time of the year enjoy the greatest

From the taste of refreshing summer fruit.

11. Avoid food habits

Many who fail to lose weight even with fast dieting are due to some erroneous eating habits and get used to certain things, being smart and not depriving

For example, enjoy the ice cream every two weeks in order to maintain the ideal weight you desire.

12. Replacement of refrigerator foods.

Calorie-rich foods in your fridge, such as cream, whole milk, different cheeses, coffee beans, and other low-calorie foods, until you succeed to lose weight .

13 – Eat nuts.

Eat a little nutty daily in your dieting program.

1 – 4 – Get enough sleep

Eating enough sleep has been shown to reduce the secretion of hunger hormones and reduce appetite for eating.

15 – No smoking.

Some of those who want to lose weight do not stop smoking habit, smoking adversely affects the enzymes of the stomach and reduces the nutritional value of meals and works to increase

Accumulation of fat in the body.

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