Tips to restore your weight after pregnancy

After the period of birth, women find it difficult to recover their thinness and loss of extra pounds gained during pregnancy. In this article you will find the most important tips and methods that will enable you to restore your body agility without fatigue.

Some tips to restore your weight after pregnancy  :

– First, according to specialists, you should be high spirits by thinking positive thoughts give you more energy, as it is useless to follow any diet if your mood is depressed or nervous.

– It is necessary to restore your activity first and your strength, to eat nutritious foods, then you can follow a diet.

Restoring your fitness after giving birth can take from three months to six months or more to lose the weight you gained when you were pregnant.

– You may lose about four kilograms during childbirth, including the child’s weight, and then the weight you lose will depend on the feeding system and how much exercise you do, so I plan well.

You can start dieting after two or three months after giving birth, after you return to your doctor to confirm your health.

– You should choose an easy and uncomplicated diet to give you a feeling of fullness, under the supervision of your nutritionist.

– If you are breastfeeding, you should not follow any type of diet, your child needs all kinds of food in your body, take care to eat everything in a moderate amount, and exercise, and breast-feeding treatment cellulite.

– Do not set goals that are impossible to achieve, you should not think that you will regain weight and your relationship immediately after birth.

– Do not eat processed foods, they contain a high proportion of fat.

Avoid foods high in fat, sweets and chocolate.

– Exercise with other mothers, to be happy, you can start for ten minutes a day, to gradually increase the time.

– Your food should include fresh, light and nutritious foods, rich in fiber, vegetables and fruits. Do not forget to drink too much milk to get the calcium you and your child need, and make sure these meals are healthy and nutritious, free of added fats and sugars.

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