Tips to reduce the amount of body fat

In order to achieve the ideal body mass and slim body you dream of, you must first reduce the amount of fat and fat that accumulate in your body, especially in the abdomen and buttocks. The muscles of the body, however, are present but hidden under tons of fat and grease.

In order to get rid of these fat and grease, which prevents you from achieving the slim body and the ideal strength you dream of, follow these tips:

water :

The most important thing to the success of any diet and to lose weight is to be careful to drink plenty of water per day at least eight cups at least as advised before you start eating the meal drinking two cups of water because it will stimulate the process of representing the body of food and maintain the humidity of your body and Makes you eat less.

vegetables and fruits :

Instead of eating large amounts of food, which gives your body a large number of calories that accumulate in the form of fat in your body, you can eat fruits and vegetables before each meal, fruit or fruit, and this will reduce the feeling of hunger and makes I will eat you less.

Dining out:

You can eat outside if you want in a restaurant but choose your meals instead of eating reddish chicken. Eat grilled chicken and do not eat fried potatoes for good.

Sports :

Enjoy exercise because it is beneficial to your overall health and gives you the ideal form and strength and helps stimulate metabolism and the best exercise recommended by aerobic sports because it contributes to the increase of hormone cortisol in the body, which contributes to burning fat that accumulate in it.

Green tea :

Of the most natural products that burn fat, it prevents the body from storing more food, which means that fat is less in your body.

Hot Food:

Contribute to the increase in fat burning rates in the body, which contributes to the process of weight loss effectively.

Milk and dairy products:

Many studies have shown that the lack of calcium in the body slows the metabolism and that its presence in the body makes it absorb less fat, but be free or low-fat products and yoghurt and cheese.

Vitamin D :

Its presence in the body is important and necessary for several vital processes and it can not manufacture it by itself. Therefore, it must be obtained from external sources and its sources are the sun’s rays. It is found naturally in fish such as salmon, eggs, milk and its products.


One of the most important nutritional elements and their presence in the body helps in many of the vital processes such as digestion of food and disposal of waste, and a lot of research proved that it contributes to the burning of fat in the body and also those who eat fiber in an increasingly vulnerable to weight less than those who They eat only a little.

You should consult your doctor to find out what foods are best for you and help reduce the amount of fat in your body.

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