Tips to overcome the problem of vomiting and morning sickness during pregnancy

Vomiting or nausea is a famous signs of pregnancy and most pregnant women feel the tendency to vomiting or nausea during the first months of pregnancy, especially in the morning, and provides your health site today the most important tips to help you overcome the problem of vomiting or nausea during the first pregnancy

Tips to prevent vomiting or nausea in pregnancy

– Eat salty food such as salted biscuits before sitting at the table.

– Avoid consumption of spices and spices because they cause irritation of the stomach and increase the incidence of nausea.

Eat regular amounts of fluids between meals to avoid dehydration.

– Divide large meals into smaller meals at different times of the day, this will relieve nausea.

– Try consuming low-fat protein from animal sources with your starchy foods such as pasta or rice because proteins help in good digestion.

– Eating bananas is very useful to reduce the severity of vomiting or nausea in pregnancy because it contains vitamin B6 and potassium, eating one banana a day and preferably in the early morning before eating anything.

Avoid fat and fatty foods such as fried foods and sweets.

– Avoid warm places may increase the feeling of nausea.

– Ginger Drink It helps a lot to reduce vomiting, so try to add to your dishes whenever the opportunity.

– Enjoy a nap during the day but not immediately after eating. Nami Noma is comfortable and deep enough at night.

– Drink water or soft drinks during meals.

– Do not try to stress yourself so as not to increase the exposure to vomiting or nausea in pregnancy.

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