Tips to keep your weight and health together

If you want to lose weight, women try to try all the ways in the hope that they will achieve the desired results in obtaining a body of grace and ideal strength and many of them believe that the solution in this is to eat foods with a few calories, but this is not true and not healthy Because most of these foods do not contain the nutrients that the body needs.

In order to maintain your weight and health together, we offer you this set of tips: 

the food :

You should eat the three main meals and these meals contain all the nutrients that your body needs from vitamins, proteins, minerals, salts, fibers and fluids, and should be in moderate quantities and not excessive.

Sports :

Eating healthy is not only what leads you to ideal weight, but you should be interested in physical and motor activities and choose the exercise that suits your lifestyle.

the body :

You should take care to know what your body has come to do not only look at certain areas of it, but look at all its members to feel consistent.

Clothing :

One of the most important things that contribute to your frustration is the inappropriate clothes. Do not put your clothes in front of your eyes that do not suit your body’s current nature because you will not be able to wear them, it will hurt you. The clothes that are smaller than your size will not contribute to forcing you to hang on to your weight, but it will make you suffer psychologically.


After you pray for a new weight, do not take unhealthy foods or eat as much food as you have before and do not stop exercising even if you walk for thirty minutes every day.

General Tips: 

– Eat vegetables and fresh fruits and make salads.

– Stop eating fast foods and add preservatives and industrial colors.

– When frying with oil, do not use it more than once, and if it is changed, remove it immediately.

– When cooking food do not overdo it in this order because it loses nutrients especially if it is vegetables.

– Completely avoid cooking food using oils and hydrogenated types of ghee.

– After you finish eating the meal directly, do not drink tea because it works to reduce the absorption of iron in the body leading to anemia.

– Avoid eating foods containing large amounts of cholesterol, your body only needs three hundred grams of them daily.

– Reduce as much as possible the addition of sugar to your food and do not eat sweets a lot because this makes the number of calories in your body increases, causing your body to suffer fast weight gain.

– Avoid using plastic containers to fill your foods, especially if they are fatty foods.

– Minimize the addition of salt to your food while cooking because it contributes to the loss of nutrients that contain it and makes the water retention inside your body.

Do not hesitate to consult with your doctor if necessary to get you on the right track.

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