Tips to get rid of acidity during pregnancy?

The acidity of the stomach during pregnancy is one of the most disturbing things for women during pregnancy, especially during the last months of pregnancy, due to the acidity of the stomach during pregnancy to increase the secretion of progesterone hormone with constant pressure on the muscles of the stomach due to the expansion of the uterus with the development of the fetus,

The acidity of the stomach often disappears during pregnancy after birth due to the disappearance of the cause of the emergence, but there are some tips to get rid of the frequent feeling of acidity during pregnancy:

– Keep away from fatty meals such as fast food, which is rich in fat

– The food is good because eating in a fast way increases the acidity

– Avoid drinking beverages containing caffeine such as tea and coffee

– Eat small meals daily and keep away from large meals

– Do not wear tight clothes to prevent excess pressure on the stomach and replace it with wide clothes

– Taking care not to increase weight during pregnancy, but in the natural descent between 12-18 kg, because weight gain in pregnancy increases the pressure on the stomach

– Do not sleep immediately after eating

– Drink yogurt or yoghurt daily and before bedtime

– Consult your doctor to take some of the permissible acidity medicines in pregnancy

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