Tips to encourage your child to eat vegetables

Food fibers with dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are all beneficial nutrients to the body. Varieties of vegetables are different colors and appetites, but some mothers suffer from the refusal of their young children to eat vegetables to be considered as delicious and delicious.

Here are the most important tips to encourage your child to eat vegetables easily:

Make beautiful geometric shapes with vegetables

Cut the islands in the form of a triangle and tomatoes in the form of boxes and cucumber in the form of fine chopsticks, which prompts your child to eat because it will find its forms beautiful and eye-catching. You can also prepare your child’s face with boiled vegetables. For example, you can use broccoli to make hair, carrots for the eyes, nasal cavity, and mouth lobsters, which makes your child take this vitamin-filled face with appetite.

Push your child to choose a vegetable from the supermarket

Research suggests that a child’s own choice of food is an incentive for him to eat later. So, Madam, take your baby with you on the shopping tour of the supermarket, and ask me to choose a certain kind of vegetables to prepare for lunch and dinner, which will make him enthusiastic about the idea and the type of choice he chose appetite.

Add them to different types of food

Children prefer to eat hamburgers, pizza and lasagna these days. These types of foods are considered full of fat and calories. But you can turn it into a healthy one by adding couscous, boiled and boiled carrots to hamburgers, putting pieces of artichoke and asparagus on pizza, and introducing broccoli, carrots and cassis into a plate of lasagna, helping to provide your child with more vitamins and minerals.

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