Tips to avoid delaying walking for your baby

Some mothers are concerned about the delay of the baby after the first year of the child and does not mean that the child’s disease led to delayed walking, the child goes through stages since learning to love to reach the stage of normal form at the age of one to two years, and these stages vary according to structure Children, in addition to it can influence nutrition factors, heredity and others, besides the psychological factor also.

There are tips the mother should take care of to avoid delayed walking:

1 – Attention to the diet contains vitamins and minerals, which the child needs to complete growth, beside breastfeeding.

2 – the mother to expose her child to the sun is a good source of vitamin D, which promotes calcium and prove on the bones.

3. Avoid using the treadmill or trying to stop the child from not pressing the bones of the legs, which leads to bending and bowing.

4 – Preserve the periodic disclosure of the child at the doctor, and follow the stages of growth.

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