Tips help you get back into your social life after childbirth

After the pregnancy of the woman and all that measured during this period of physical and psychological changes that put her child and then sponsored and cared for in the first year in most cases and after this period will want to return to normal life like going to work or activities that were Practiced before pregnancy and childbirth.

But many women may feel that they can not leave their children and go away, especially after having been involved with them for so long, and that their feelings are not working again or going back to normal activities.

So here we give you some tips on how to get back to your normal life after putting your baby:

– Keep in mind that going back to work is necessary because you are self-sufficient and want to help your husband support your family.

– Think that leaving your child will make him accustomed to being independent of you and does not need you at all times.

– Ask your job manager to reduce your time or get out on one of the weekdays early. If your work is flexible in time, it would make you go to your child at certain times to check on him and take care of him.

– Ask a family member or your husband’s family to take care of your child in your absence. This will make you comfortable with your child.

– Organize the time between your home and your work and care for your child This will be difficult at first But with the habit you can do and ask your husband’s help in this matter that will push you to success in this.

– It is important to have a simple period of rest in this will help you to withstand the pressures again between your work and care for your home and may be this period in the form of exercises practiced or dinner outside the home with your husband or meet with your friends on the condition that this period In which your child sleeps or you give him a caretaker in your absence.

– Keep your favorite exercise even if it is for simple times like reading or using the computer and surfing the international information network on the condition that you do not take your time is inconsistent with your home and work.

You must be confident in yourself and in your abilities and that you are able to be a mother and wife and for you work and motherhood in itself make you acquire qualities and abilities that you did not have the ability to endurance and accomplish more than one job at the same time or the ability to plan The good thing is if you lose confidence in yourself you can not succeed.

– Take care to get the necessary nutrition that contains all the nutrients and minerals and vitamins that you need if you neglected the food you will not be able to withstand all the tasks that you do.

– Exercise some exercise and your interest in physical health will help you to perform your various functions.

You do not have to stop your life after pregnancy and childbearing is a stage in your life come and end and then start to resume your life again, but this life is a new addition Vahrti not to mislead any part of it.

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