Tips for weight loss after natural birth

After giving birth, you gain some extra pounds, which you need to exercise after exercise and balanced food to regain weight before pregnancy, or at least the weight you want to reach. 
How do you reduce your weight after birth? Especially if you are a breastfeeding mother.

Here are 7 steps and tips to lose weight safely:

1 – Understand that there is no magic diet will return you quickly to the weight of pre – pregnancy, first because your body has undergone a significant process of pregnancy and the birth of a child needs your care and also needs breastfeeding from you, which makes thinking of dieting delayed after 40 days of Birth, ie after the period of puberty .. Start a medium-term plan to lose weight by weight gain and do not investigate yourself at all.

2 – Fortunately, your new diet to restore your health and your breast milk, a very healthy system will restore your easy to drink, eat dairy and unsaturated fluids, low fat fish, fruits and vegetables that help you feel full and provide you with vitamins necessary for your body.

3 – To avoid fatty foods and of course sweetened beverages with margarine and sugar, such as fish, mugat and so on, replace them with skimmed milk 
and natural juices that are not sweetened or sweetened with white honey. Avoid chocolate and sweets, replace them with fruit and nuts as a small curd in your hand will not increase your weight at all. And poached.

4 – After two to three months, now you can exercise, such as walking, swimming and light jogging, will help you to tighten the abdominal area and lose weight quickly also, you can walk with your baby or bring a home walker to this matter.

5. Never eat breakfast. Eat 5 types of protein a day, including vegetables, fruits, and cereals, as well as meat and fish.

6. Eat 8 glasses of water a day, and always breastfeed your baby. The good news is that breast-feeding helps you lose weight, not vice versa.

7 – Set yourself a goal of less than 500: 750 grams per week, no more, be patient and try to talk to new mothers like you to encourage each other on dieting and sports.

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