Tips for using the appropriate pillow for a comfortable sleep

Many people often have trouble sleeping because of many factors that may prevent them from getting a good night’s sleep, such as anxiety, inappropriate lighting, or noise. Since choosing the appropriate pillows is an important factor in getting a comfortable night’s sleep, it is important to know the quality of pillows to be used, according to the British Daily Mail:

1. Pad Medium Thickness 
If you are a person who wants to sleep on their backs, you should choose a medium soft cushion that keeps the head at a good height and does not put any pressure on the neck.

2. High pillow 
Experts, people who sleep on one side, recommend using high cushions because they prevent pressure on the spine and neck. The pillow can also be used between the knees during sleep, to prevent lower back pain.

3. Soft pad 
Use soft cushions if you are a person who would prefer to sleep on their stomachs, and use an extra cushion to put them down your stomach as they support the lower back area.

4. Medium-length pillow 
Many people sleep in a random way, ranging from sleeping on the sides, back or abdomen, so choose a medium-length cushion that provides support for the body during sleep. 

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