Tips for a man when choosing the right suit

Many men wear formal attire, without paying attention to some important observations that would accentuate their elegance or abuse.

In this regard, the writer and essayist Maggie El Hakim, in her book “People and Etiquettes,” presented a set of important tips that every man should take care of and take into consideration when wearing the formal attire. We summarize it in the following lines:

– The need to stay away from light colors when choosing clothes for work, it is the most examples that give the impression of seriousness and power to wear a dark suit with a white shirt and a tie colored Nbiti.

– A blue shirt with a dark suit gives a friendly impression.

– Stay away from wearing the “blackboard” and brown color as well as green at official events or to attend business meetings or events.

The form of the suit is very important, so you should pay attention to it when buying the suit, you should choose a comfortable and appropriate story for your body measurements. Every man should choose the right suit for his body because it may be the key to his success. There are some things to be aware of when feeling comfortable:

– The need to avoid narrow jacket from the back or under the armpit, and should be the pants when the rotation of the center completely and not down.

If the shape of the body is like the opposite triangle, the shoulders are wide and the center is narrow, such as some athletes. There is no need for a wide or thick inner lining.

– If you are short, you should avoid the uneven colors between the pants and pants so that they do not look shorter than you are.

– The body closest to the pear shape, where the buttocks are wider than or equal to the shoulders; the owner must wear a clear lining for the shoulder and choose a giraffe and shoes of the same color as the trousers to suggest length.

– The length of the jacket should reach down the buttocks.

– The sleeves of the jacket should reach the wrist bone when the arm is straight.

– If the body is short-bodied and obese, it should avoid color variability, preferably gentlemen, and avoid lines with long sleeves, light fabrics and a wide-necked tie that can be used to match the body’s fat scale.

– The slim body tends to wear wide and loose clothing to give the appearance of some additional imaginary weight, and prefer a different color of pants Jakt.

– The short man of his choice to wear thin trousers without a fold and wearing a jacket with two or three buttons and a tie with simple drawings and thin, it is preferable to include the fabric of the suit on long straight lines.

– The shirt made of natural silk is not preferred to wear it only in the evening.

– Non-granular wear a text shirt sleeve under any suit even if the casual is informal, this is unacceptable in the rules of etiquette.

– Shirts with graphics do not fit the official places and work.

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