These foods are important for the health and youth of your hair

German nutrition expert Monica Bischoff said that proper nutrition contributes to the maintenance of hair health, providing hair with nutrients necessary for growth, and enjoy the strength, and protect him from early gray hair. Bischoff said that women should eat foods rich in keratin, and this protein is one of the main components of hair and nails.

The food sources rich in keratin are salmon, herring, eggs, shrimp, chicken breasts, fat-free beef, parmesan cheese and skimmed milk.

Copper-rich foods, which have antibacterial effect, should also be used to help the body absorb iron.

Copper-rich food sources are bananas, walnuts or camel’s eye, dark chocolate, legumes such as chickpeas and lentils.

In addition to proper nutrition, the health of the hair can be maintained and protected from early gray, stop smoking, drink alcohol, and stay away from psychological stress.

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