The way to get rid of stress and stress

The way to get rid of stress and tension as long as the pressures and tensions did not reach you to anger and frustration and anxiety, and as long as you can use it as a driving force to achieve your goals who does not know how to overcome me and the pressure is early and not in his collection any achievements little, the person who strives and works must face the pressures But it does not end there … because it is a human beingThe way to get rid of stress and stressIs the interaction of the human with things that pass in the environment, whether it is joyous or sad as marriage or success of things that lead to psychological pressure and the pressures of work and disease lead to psychological pressure ..

Are the pressures that everyone faces and fade away within days

Which accumulate in the body at long intervals and difficult to control the physical symptoms and may lead to serious diseases ..

Such as those that usually occur after exposure to serious incidents such as sexual assault or theft. These shocks may lead to significant psychological pressure and a marked change in behavior.

Pain in the back and shoulder, loss of appetite, insomnia, nightmares of sleep, dry throat, depression, boredom, crying, laughter, diarrhea, weakness, general weakness of the body and constant headaches.

Effects of psychological stress on health .. ?? 
Psychological pressure affects health significantly, leading to arteriosclerosis, migraine headaches, high sleep disturbances, eating, digestive disorders, and acne.The way to get rid of stress and stress

  •  Insist on taking enough sleep for at least 8 hours and get rest for 10 minutes in the afternoon to regain activity the rest of the day
  • Start with vegetables and fruits in large quantities and reduce meat quantities
  • Incitement to the performance of exercise because it helps to stimulate the body and reduce tension
  • A deep, long breath and slowly taking it out helps reduce rapid heartbeat

The way to get rid of stress and stress

Stress and anxiety are called Anxiety & Stress disorders, which all people suffer from. We can explain the meaning of tension as:

Definition of stress and psychological anxiety: It is a sense of pressure, often resulting from the existence of a lot of work that must be done in a very short amount of time. In tension, it is virtually impossible to avoid tension.

And to know the reasons and signs and methods of treatment and the possibility of controlling him, what you only read this topic of comprehensive tension and psychological anxiety

  • Stress results from positive events: new job, leave, marriage, and negative events: job loss, divorce, or death in the family. Tension is not an event in itself, it is your psychological or physical reaction to the event.
  • Anxiety often accompanies stress. It is moving in the beginning towards the future, towards something that may happen soon. Remarkably, some anxiety may motivate you or help you respond to danger. However, if you have a constant anxiety that hinders your daily activities and makes life difficult, then anxiety may be a problem.
  • When you are experiencing stress and anxiety, especially if you are an adult, your body physically responds to the threat. Your heart beats faster, your breathing becomes faster, your blood pressure rises, your blood sugar level, and your blood and brain muscles increase. After the danger is over, your body relaxes slowly, and the functions return to normal.
  • You can usually control the negative effects of tension when it is accidental. However, when tension gets regular, the effects tend to increase and multiply. Chronic stress is often associated with situations that can not be easily solved, such as problems in relationships, loneliness, financial problems, or long working days.

The way to get rid of stress and stressTo help control stress and anxiety‏1. Feed your inner soul and increase its faith: Praying and reading the Holy Quran and multiplication of adoration, supplication, forgiveness, nature, meditation helps to strengthen the inner strength.2 – Learn to relax: Relaxation treatments may help you cope with physical signs and symptoms. Your goal is to reduce the speed of heart palpitations, and blood pressure, while relieving muscle tension.Relaxation therapy involves many techniques, ranging from controlled breathing, deep breathing, meditation, and gradual muscle relaxation. Most treatments involve repeating a word, phrase or muscle activity, allowing you to empty your mind of external thoughts and stress factors.‏Relaxation techniques are an important part of stress management. Relaxation is not just about finding quiet time, or enjoying a hobby. It is a process that helps you get rid of the burden of stress on your mind and body. Relaxation techniques usually involve focusing your attention on something quiet and increasing your awareness of your body.

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