The way the bean is filled with steps

Full Bean

Is the bean fava of the most popular diets prevalent in the Arab world, where it is the main product on the Egyptian breakfast table, and often go to restaurants to get them in the morning, but it does not require all this hardship; it has become possible to prepare household after identifying the modus operandi It isworth mentioning that Ful Hammadas is one of the legumes widely spread throughout the Arab world, including Morocco, Egypt, Sudan and Algeria. East Asia is the home of the original bean growing Types.

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The benefits of bean addict

Before learning about the way beans work, you need to remember the most important benefits of whole beans:

  • Folic acid is a rich source of protein and important nutrients such as salts and minerals.
  • The ful-additive provides the human body with fiber and vitamins, specifically vitamin A, b.
  • It is a source of copper, potassium, magnesium, iron and manganese essential for body building.
  • Helps raise cholesterol levels to provide superior protection of the heart muscle from stress.
  • Man saves stress and stress.
  • It prevents constipation due to the abundance of fiber in it.
  • Balances blood glucose levels.
  • Lowers high blood pressure levels.
  • Provides the necessary prevention of various cancers, specifically oral cancer.
  • The urine spins.
  • Increases the immunity of the body by supplying the immune system with the necessary elements and vitamins.
  • It is a disinfectant for intestines and stomach.
  • Helps to get rid of excess weight and build muscle efficiently and effectively.

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The way the bean is filled with steps

the ingredients:
  • 2 pack of canned beans.
  • 2 tablespoons grind.
  • Semi-lemon juice.
  • 4 cloves of crushed garlic.
  • Black Pepper Brush.
  • Salt spray as desired.
How to prepare:
  • ยท Dispose of the cans of crushed beans in a bowl on the fire, keeping half of the tray for decorative purposes.
  • Add the ingredients (lemon juice, mashed garlic, salt, pepper, tahini and cumin) to the beans.
  • Stir the beans with other ingredients and grind well.
  • Add 3 tablespoons of olive oil to the beans after mashing and stirring well.
  • Place the beans in the serving bowl, and decorate with chopped beans and chopped tomatoes.
the ingredients:
  • 2 cups vanilla bean.
  • Fresh lemon fruit.
  • Tablespoon of lentils.
  • 2 tomatoes (cubes).
  • Water.
How to prepare:
  • Soak the amount of beans in water for at least 4-5 hours.
  • Wash beans and lentils well.
  • Put the amount of beans and water in a deep saucepan or pot over warm heat, and leave until boiling.
  • Calm the fire after about two minutes on the boil.
  • Add the amount of yellow lentils to the beans.
  • Add the tomato cubes and lemonade without age to the beans and lentils.
  • Cover the container well, and leave until the boil on the fire is well contained with ingredients.
  • Take care to raise the water level more than the ingredients, and in case of shortage add more water to the fire.
  • Beans are served as desired by family members, whether they are mashed or loved.

Damaged fruit intake

  • Exhaustion of the stomach during the digestion of pulses, in the case of excessive intake.
  • A high risk of gout.
  • Folic acid overload inhibits the absorption of iron in the body, so it is preferable to take vitamin C along with the bean dish.
  • Damage to liver health if placed in plastic bags and is hot.
  • Eating a thick bean peel leads to indigestion.
  • All patients with bean anemia were prevented from eating it because of their high sensitivity to it.

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The nutritional value of thick beans

Followed by the nutritional value of boiled beans, for every 100 grams of beans, namely:

Energy: 418 calories.

Fat: 22 g, most of which are unsaturated.

Proteins: 15 g.

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