The stages from which the egg passes through the fertilization stage

How to start an egg journey: The journey begins from the ovaries located on both sides of the womb of women. During the reproductive years, women carry about 400 eggs starting from the first period of menstruation and ending with menopause (usually between the ages of 45 and 55).

Ovulation stage of ovulation occurs only one in the ovaries between the days of 12 and 16 after the fall of the monthly cycle, and then is released quickly by the fallopian tube, which connects between the uterus and ovaries.

What is the age of the egg?

The egg is about 24 hours old, and in order to fertilize the egg must be a healthy sperm is usually the first object that penetrates the outer wall of the egg before the egg closes on itself, prevent the rest of the animal to enter is a purely selective process and here begins fertilization and if not happen This ends the journey of the egg in the womb and stops the production of estrogen and progesterone (the hormones that help to pregnancy), and therefore if pregnancy does not end the life of the egg in menstrual cycle.

How sperm reach an egg:

The sperm of the egg ejects the man’s water inside the vagina where the semen is pushed into the vagina. The cervical elevation helps the semen to bind to the egg, which in turn falls into the uterus once fertilized.

The most important thing about sexual intercourse is the natural cause of pregnancy to be consistent and regular every two days during the middle of the cycle as the period of enrichment vary from one woman to another and follow a number of advice recommended by all studies and medical research, which illustrate the following point:

Ways to facilitate fertilization of the egg:

The most important of these methods is calmness and lack of tension. Staying on the back long enough with the pad for 20 to 30 minutes, which helps the sperm to reach the egg quickly.

What delays egg fertilization:

1 – the level of acid in the vagina has a very serious impact may reach the killing of sperm before the cycle.

2 – cervical mucus, which may be a barrier prevents the sperm from penetrating the egg unless the sperm is so strong to penetrate the barrier, which may not be available to most men due to factors other pollution and malnutrition.

What happens if the egg does not exist in the fallopian tube at the time of sexual intercourse?

If the egg does not exist in the fallopian tube at the time of intercourse, sperm can live in the female genitalia for a simple period of about three to five days and then die sperm.

What happens if the egg is present in the Fallopian tube at the time of sexual intercourse?

The sperm fertilizes the egg and closes the egg completely to prevent any penetration by another animal. The real miracle begins. The egg is fertilized within about 24 hours depending on the genetic material in the sperm. A new cell is formed and is quickly divided into a group of new cells known as the embryo , The remaining part takes a way down the fallopian tube.

How ectopic pregnancy happens :

Ectopic pregnancy in the fallopian tube sometimes occurs, which is a serious problem for pregnant women. In this case, the ectopic pregnancy needs to be taken either to prevent growth or surgery to prevent the fallopian tube from rupture. Large but less serious with progress in diagnosis and availability of medical expertise.

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